Best Providers in Eastern province - English Language Lessons

Umar Farooq

I am Umar Farooq. Certified public accountant from Pakistan(CPA-Pak) and also CA(chartered accountancy) finalist. I have about 10 years experience...

Safeela Nasree

I am Safeela.... From india... I am continuing my education in Kerala for physiotherapist.. I like medical department more than...

Douglas LeCroy

I am energetic and well qualified with adequate qualifications and references. My skills are varied and unique with concrete results.


Hello everyone this Fayas here.Hope everyone doing good. About myself I am a diplomat in mechanical engineering. I am basically...

Mohammed Faisal

Hello I am Mohammed Faisal looking forward to work with you.I promise to do your service at your best

Hafza Riyaz

Hi viewers, I do my best to impress my customers and I’ll be 100% trustworthy and committed to the work given....

Aroob Al-Kilani

A passionate designer with the ability to realize your dreams onto paper, onto real life. An Architect, fluent in English...

Hamada Elsegeny

محاضر لغة إنجليزية حاصل علي ماجستير في الأدب الإنجليزي و شهادة تدريس اللغة الإنجليزية من جامعة كامبريدج و شهادة تدريس...


هي هوايات درستها وتعلمتها بماليزيا التعامل مع جميع انواع الكمبيوترات العمل بالبحوث الجامعية اياً كانت


Hi everyone, I worked as an Accountant + Sales Co ordinator + Teacher + Freelancing Nutritionist

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