FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Should I pay something to use Serviis?

No! Serviis is free for all the users that are looking for professionals or companies to realize their projects. Simply describe what you need and Serviis will send your request to the best professionals/companies that can realize your job.

How should I manage the payment of the professional?

The payment details are agreed between you and the professional before you choose who to hire. Serviis is not involved in the payment of the service.

How many professionals will you introduce to me for each project?

We will introduce you to up to 5 suppliers that are interested in realizing your project.

How can I ensure that the suppliers can deliver high-quality job?

You will receive offers with the profile of the supplier and his / her past ratings. In addition, if Serviis identifies quality issues with some suppliers, Serviis will inform the supplier and potentially will remove temporarily the supplier from the database, until he/she is able to demonstrate that the service has been improved.

What happens if a professional deliver a poor service or make a damage?

Professionals registered on Serviis are small companies or individuals. Be sure to discuss with them about guarantee in case of damages. If you are not happy with the service we invite you to leave a negative review to the professional. If the professionals receive more than 3 negative reports and/or commit illegal activities, we will ban them from Serviis. In case you have a bad experience with a service provider, please inform us by writing an email to support@serviis.com


Should I pay to register?

No, registration for service providers is completely free. You pay only to buy the credits that you need to use if you want to answer a job request.

How do I know if a job is interesting to me?

We will share with you all the details of a job request, then, if you are interested, you can use your credits to send your quotation to the customer that created the request.

How do I buy credits?

You can buy credits from your profile using one of our payment methods: credit card, bank transfer,Paypal (we will add soon new payment methods).

What happens if I run out of credits?

If you finish your credits you will continue to receive requests but you will need to buy a new package of credits to send your quotation to the customer.

Does Serviis take any commission on my work?

No! Everything you get from the customer it's yours.

How much is a credit worth and how many credits I need to send a quote?

1 credit = 5 SR. In general, depending on the service category, you will need from 1 to 7 credits to send your quote.

Is Serviis an advertising company?

No, Serviis is a marketplace that connects service providers with customers that are in the need of a service.

How can I make sure Serviis does not generate fake requests?

Serviis will send to all the suppliers that can deliver the requested service a job request with attached the profile of the customers and the rating he/she received from other suppliers.

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